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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  August 11, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9news now. >> you want to be let out of here? you are welcome to go. now wait a minute. wait a minute. now wait a minute. >> these people have taken the debate up a notch. the healthcare battle continues to heat up and it is getting physical. good evening, the healthcare debate creates a deep divide in this country with people on both sides voicing their concern. and now president obama is once again trying to ease some of those concerns about a so- called public option. sandra joins us live with more on what happened today. sandra. >> well lesli, from washington to missouri, it was another day of heated emotions on display, all over healthcare reform. >> you want to be let out of here, you are welcome to go. now wait a minute, wait a minute. now wait a minute. >> shoving, i'm sick of the
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lies. i don't like being lied to. i don't like being lied about. >> tempers flairing. and booing. healthcare reform town halls around the country are heating up. with people on both sides of the issue speaking out. >> thank you. >> president obama held his own town hall in new hampshire tuesday. he encouraged healthcare reform, but suggested it is time to tone down the rhetoric. >> the way politics works sometimes is that people who want to keep things the way they are will try and scare the heck out of folks and they will create boogymen that aren't real. >> healthcare reform plan is not what some call socialized medicine. mr. obama says his healthcare reform plan would offer coverage to those with preexisting conditions and would not hurt those pleased with their current coverage. >> under the reform we are
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proposing, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. >> but the heated debate will likely continue throughout the month and the white house is trying to combat false claims made by protesters by posting a reality check on their website, white reporting live, i'm sandra endo. >> sandra, thanks for that. last night at 11:00, you watch the similar scene play out at a town hall hosted by senator of maryland. the senator had to shout his way through the meeting at times and crowd control was tough there too. here is a bit of that exchange. >> can you give me a specific example of something that was previously public or private that the government took over and made more efficient? >> the taxpayers in this
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country pay over the next ten years, pay an extra $150 billion because of the private insurance option in medicare. it is cheaper to be in traditional medicare than the private insurance option. the government runs more effectively than a private sector. >> he defended the health bill, he says they would provide more choice and more insurance for more americans. >> if you have not been to a town hall, but you still want to sound off, go to and tell us what you think. she was a champion for people with special needs. the founder of the special olympics and the sister of president john f. kennedy. this morning eunice kennedy shriver passed away. president obama called her an extraordinary woman who taught the world that no physical or mental barrier can restrain the power of the human spirit. the special olympics that started in her backyard is now an international movement with head quarters on 19th street.
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and the reaction there today was a personal one. gary no, is here with that. >> can you imagine anything more uplifting than an adult saying, i believe in you? the special olympians said mrs. shriver said that all the time. >> she was inspired by them, by their hearts. >> i learned guts. i learned courage. i learned commitment. >> but she wasn't easy on those she called her special friends. >> she was always this person that always is tellinu, inatg da . rd>> harder. >> gary bans was a kid when they met. >> i didn't have that many friends. i didn't have any activities. >> as admirers left flowers, many said what gary says. >> i liked her because she
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really believed in inrdwaeder him a retard. >> i can sit up to the person who is quote, unquote normal. >> in many respects made such an extraordinary difference in the lives of so many people around the world. >> i don't know where i would have been. >> and someone that i was asking means a lot. >> and not just those special athletes eunice changed in much of the world the way people with disabilities are treated. lesli. >> thanks for that, gary. we got a bit of a break from the very oppressive heat of monday, but there's no mistaking it, the dog days of
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summer are here. >> 97 yesterday. about 93 today. so some t d records today. let'stt artht temperatures. some areas aw beevlo 90at w be fr ic ederick. look ated 87in athewincst. in culperwiin the still in the 90s. let's 90s. let's mi. dihu tyis th iss.midityhu this is diu . ke account to. townis 94 94isdo infeelit in inst fr fredericksburg. this is why we say days we don'set rdrecoeds, exercise rei the morning. for tonight, partly cloudy, muggy, a few thunderstorms are possible. lows, upper 60s in the burgs. we'll come back and with we have a couple big storms on doppler. lesli. all right, thanks topper. now to taiwan and the search for survivors of a deadly typhoon. military choppers are hovering over villages looking for signs
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of life. over the past few hours, they have buried of hundreds of men, women, and children. but the leaders fear hundreds more have been lost under the mud and the rock. the typhoon flooded more than 100 million acres across the country. >> that typhoon also slammed into china. it triggered a huge mud slide that took out seven apartment buildings. officials say there were only a handful of casualties, because most already evacuated. >> this is just in to the 9news information center. part of the plane that collided with a sightseeing helicopter has been removed from the hudson river. the red and white section of the single engine piper was pulled free from the murky and fast moving water shortly after 5:00. divers had located the plane at about 60 feet of water and said one body was inside. it is not clear whether the part contained that body, one victim is still missing.
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iraq suffered the worst route of attacks since combat forces. nine bombs went off across baghdad. other blasts shattered buildings in smaller towns. the death toll is 48 with another 250 people wounded. >> in mexico, troops there found what may be the hide out of the country's number one drug lord and a major supplier to the u.s. they uncovered a methamphetamine lab. this comes a day after president obama met with his counterparts at the north american summit in mexico. >> can you depend on the fire hydrants near your home. should you be worried there is if there is a fire? that will be back in just 60 seconds.
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southwest dc. job corp. is the federal government's oldest residential education and training program for young people. and offers instruction in more than 75 career options at 123- centers across the country. >> all right, if your kids want a little instruction in rock and roll, they are getting it at camp jam in patomac maryland. >> at this summer camp, kids learn from professional rock musicians and they can jam along with other kids. this friday, they will perform on stage for their parents and friends. >> ahead, topper returns with the full forecast, but first, here's a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >> nearly 12 million children are without dental care, but now some dentists are going to extraordinary lengths to give kids the help they need. tonight only on the cbs evening
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9news now learned that one problem at the fire on cam bridge road was a hydrant with the wrong color. the fire department relies on the accuracy of wasa's work to decide how to get water to fires throughout the city. dave is live in northwest to tell us more about what all this means. so tell us, dave. >> lesli, probably seen these color coding bands, about 4,000 of them in the city have been color coded. there are 10,000 across the city. they tell you how much water should come out of this hydrant. this one should flow between a thousand. well how accurate is this? we know in at least one case, it was not accurate. that was two weeks ago. check out this hydrant. it has red color coding. that means it flows less than 500 gallons per minute. on the night of the fire, it was coded blue. the highest, it should flow more than 1500 gallons per
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minute. how does this happen? it was human error. not a problem and their hydrant flow testing. the dc fire department relies on this information. what do they think? going from the highest to the lowest tier. >> it has to simply be a mistake. we rely and have a high confidence in those markings and wasa's work. we work closely with them. >> while dc fire department says wasa is going to use that information to provide them a computer data base so firefighters can know how much they can get. they say this is the only mistake they found so far, we don't know exactly all the checks and balances. the fire department says we have it all under control. >> thanks for that reporting. police have now confirmed that two pit bulls are responsible for the death of a 20-year-old lees bergmann. carl was mauled by the dogs in the basement of his home. leesburg police say a
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preliminary autopsy shows that he died from bite wounds to his neck that cut off oxygen to his ain. it is possible he was trying to keep those dogs from attacking a smaller dog inside the house. that dog died as well. >> were they going after that smaller pet dog and was carter trying to rescue the small pet dog from the pit bulls? >> when it comes to certain dogs, when human interferes, they don't stop. they are not able to stop and sometimes the humans are injured. >> the two dogs are being kept at the loudoun county animal shelter and according to animal control, a judge will decide what will happen to the dogs unless the family agrees to have them euthanized. >> 9news now follows an animal cruelty case. someone stuck this pit bull pup in a plastic bag and sealed the opening with duck tape. they threw it in a dumpster behind an apartment building. the pup managed to chew open a hole and stick her head out.
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neighbors heard her and called police. animal control took in the dog and discovered even more abuse. and viewers are expressing their outrage on our website. here's one. ares380 wrote the kind of people who do things like this are scum or white trash. and that is one of the more milder responses. we will have much more on this abuse case and where the investigation stands tonight at 7:00. now to an update on the michael jackson death investigation. and medical examiners have completed their work. police asked them not to release the finding. federal drug agents and a las vegas police searched a pharmacy. a dea spokesman says they are looking for records of controlled substances that could lead back to the pop icon. >> south carolina's governor says he is not sorry for using a state plane in flying first class for personal trips. the governor has been under scrutiny since admitting to a extramarital affair. one lawmaker says the governor
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broke the law by using state money for personal gain, but stanford says he has done nothing wrong. last friday, his wife left the governor's mansion. >> topper is back. and back indoors. >> not as hot today. 93. we had 97 yesterday for a record. we are going in the right direction. >> of course it felt much -- >> it still felt like it was over 100 degrees. the good news is, we had a couple showers popping up. and also the temperatures are on their way down. the next three days, we have 80s, believe it or not. 85 on thursday, and mid to upper 80s on friday. we have a shower or thunderstorm possible each day, and that's the way it's going to be with the front close to us for the next three days. tonight, partly cloudy, muggy. a few storms are possible. even after the sun goes down, these are not pop up storms, this has the front attached to it. the storms could get in here late tonight. low temperatures, 68 to 76
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downtown and winds out of the north at 5 to 10. look at live doppler 9,000, the district, montgomery county, fairfax, around the beltway. everything is quiet. up to the north, we have been concerned. we'll zoom into this one storm. we have been tracking this. this is down toward myersville. now on the east side of 70. it is still headed off to the southeast. this is an arrow indicating direction. remember, you can access this via the web and also in your cable box. it's on 24/7. here we go. over the next hour, it is going to pass now over frederick. this tracks further north. a little further east. so get ready for some big rains, maybe some winds in frederick. no reports of hail with this storm just yet and will probably move along 70. all right, back to the computer. temperature wise, well we have a break. i mean, these are 80s. this time last night, it was
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90s. georgia avenue, 88 in vienna. 88 in dumphry's. mid 80s for winchester. only 80 out in kaiser. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, warm. 70s and 80s to start. winds out of the north. by afternoon, partly cloudy and warm. more thunderstorms are possible. temperature wise, a bargain. all right, here are zones for you. mid 80s for front royal and middleburg and even manassas, 85. get down toward dale city, might go into the upper 80s. everyone stays below 90 tomorrow. the district, mid to upper 80s. 84 for annapolis. 85 in plum point. and storms are possible again tomorrow. even a better chance east of town. you look carefully, you see a line of showers and storms develop. it's not that well organized. for the most part, these are the storms in pittsburgh that
6:22 pm
we are worried about tonight. again, they are not driven by the heat of the day, they are driven by a frontal system on the map. that's why we will keep showers and storms in all night. next seven days, mid 80s tomorrow. mid 80s thursday. upper 80s friday and saturday. yes, good chance of showers and thunderstorms. and then over the weekend, we will kind of be close to 90 on sunday. even into next week, monday and tuesday, right around 90, but that's not that far off of average. average is 88 and a few isolated thunderstorms possible then. >> all right. thank you my friend. so we have the first battle of the beltways in 48 hours and our stars, where are our stars? >> they are going to be standing on the sideline. believe me, in february, nobody is going to remember what anybody did in august. why risk it? the big guns play briefly in the big season opener. this time some will not play at all. we'll have a live report. plus, michael vick's agent came
6:23 pm
to nsrerkrkpapa. talked about his client's prospects. that's coming up.
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it's time for 9sports. the best sports in town. >> any resemblance you see in baltimore on thursday night and the ones that open the regular season next month as they used to say will be purely coincidental. numerous redskins stars will be glued to the bench on thursday night. dave owens is live with news on who is playing.
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hey dave. >> what's going on. it has been a banged up football game the first couple of weeks. also casey, also able to get in some good reps at the center position. let's break down who is not going to be there for that thursday game. albert won't play. the team's key off season acquisition, a healthy scatch. against the steelers, clinton portis also a healthy scratch. jim zorn said the runningback gets some touches in the second game. santana moss being cautious as well. he won't play either. going to be a lot of opportunities out there for the young guys. defensive coordinator says they are starting to get anxious. >> the reality of it, they line up in the nfl football game and their mom and grandma is going to watch them. i think the pressure is starting to close in on them. there's no doubt about it. they don't let their fear handcuff them. they can use it and help them
6:27 pm
prepare to play. >> good news at wide receiver. devon thomas will go after nursing his tender hamstring. he will get to start opposite antwon randle el. it takes a lot of conditioning and luck to play in the nfl. just ask the 11 year veteran has really been one of the most consistent and durable guys. he hasn't missed a game since 1998. he played in 176 consecutive games. he had been a pro bowl alternate. amazing when you see the violent nature of nfl linebacking. >> blessed me with the great health, so to speak. you know, just trying to take care of myself as much as possible and listening to my body, if i feel like things like that. how to go in there and take care of that. >> 176 games played, tied for first among active players with
6:28 pm
tampa. not bad for the man that they nicknamed bam bam. all right, winding down here. final day of full practice. thursday kickoff coming up, we'll have full coverage there. >> dave, thanks. unless brett comes back. meanwhile, michael vick's agent is at redskins camp today. also jason campbell and laron, he told 9sports, no chance. so tony said vick will find somewhere this week. gets on to baseball now and hard to know how we should feel about the nationals tonight. we are going to choose to go glass half full and point out the fact the nats are now just 3 1/2 games behind the royals in the race to no longer have the worst record in baseball. incidentally, the nats won all eight of their games. the most wins they have had in
6:29 pm
any previous games this year was nine. here is the pitching matchup. john lannon goes against the braves. he got the win despite hampton allowing one run over 7. finally tonight, they say fishing is a complicated sport that requires patience and expensive equipment. don't tell that to this little girl who went into the water with no bait, no nothing. and pulled out a gigantic bath with her hands. with her little sister standing right there. they call her the fish whisperer. do you think that is real? i know we said the slip and slide wasn't real, do you think that was real? the fish was bigger than her, so i don't know how she lifted it. >> on a more serious note, they just pulled the last two remaining bodies out of the hudson in that midair crash that happened last weekend. that's it for us. the cbs evening news


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